How to Design Your Own Logo

So you have a new business and you want to create a logo for it. This step will be one of the most important you'll have to take as you grow your venture. Your logo is something that people will identify you with, so make sure you do it right. The good news is, you no longer have to pay a fortune just to get it right. Yes, thanks to DIY logo-making sites, it's possible to have a professional logo for a small cost or even for free! You can also check to learn more.

Here are the advantages of using a DIY logo-making site to create your own powerful logo:


As we said, you don't have to pay a professional graphic designer to make you a logo. Just search online, scan some DIY logo generation sites and choose the one you like most. Think about the money you'll save! If you've tried asking around, hiring a pro can cost you a whole lot. Thankfully, you don't have to. Just pick a DIY logo site that works for you, and that's it. You may have pay a small fee, but tha's it.


Another advantage of using is that they're very easy to manipulate. In fact, you don't need any technical or design knowledge at all. As long as you have a clear direction that you want to take, that's all you need. These sites are designed for user experience, which means you will be able to use them instinctively. Just let your screen be your guide.

Professionally Inspired

Most DIY logo sites have a feature that suggests logos for your business, depending on your answers to certain questions they will ask you when you start your project. That means you will still fairly have some professional guidance when you use them. These logo suggestions or recommendations are based on algorithms that are in turn based on logos that have been proven successful over the years. So basically, you're not on your own. Although you can still choose to ignore the suggestions and create something totally from scratch.

Saves Time

Finally, if you plan your logo creation project right, you can have a good working one in under five minutes. But there's no need to be in a rush anyway. In fact, you need to sit down and commit yourself to the design process for a reasonable timeframe. Remember, this logo will be synonymous with your brand's identity. You don't want to hurry through it.

You can always decide to hire a pro designer, but why spend so much when you can get the same results for so much less? With the right concept, you can have your own professional and effective logo in no time. Check this video about logo design: